How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

First impressions don’t always last, at least not when you tell her a story that improves or completely debunks her first impression of you. For instance, you know you look like someone carefree. You can tell her a story that shows off your serious side, like that charity event you attended to raise money for […]

Girly girls will always be feminine, whether they’re 15 or 55 years old. But in this article, we are talking about the girls who are just starting their fashionista life. 1. Apparel that Reminds Her of Who She Wants to Be Adolescent ages are the time for dreams of a bright future ahead. Now that […]

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If you’re thinking of hitting on girls and making them laugh, the best method is to let loose and find something funny in everything. This means you can’t take yourself too seriously, as most of the time, women will turn the tables and put you at the receiving end of a joke.

Gifts for Libra


Want to impress your lovable Libra friend who has numerous acquaintances and few close buddies? He or she is the type to get invited to most parties, and who thinks about a decision long and hard before going for it. Check out the Libra gifts we have lined up for you. Share the Luv!